Dizziness and Balance

The third most common reason for all doctor visits is dizziness, which can affect people of all ages. Many people know of someone with dizziness where their daily activities have been reduced due to their symptoms. Once your physician has ruled out more serious conditions, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed using Horizon Balance and Dizziness Center’s unique excellence in diagnostic and treatment services provided by qualified caring professionals working together in the same center.

Dizziness and Balance Causes

Dizziness can be a problem involving the inner ears, eyes, brain, or any combination of the three. It is important to find the source of the dizziness and its influence on daily functioning. Research shows that the treatment and management of a properly diagnosed problem will lead to considerable improvement. At Horizon Balance and Dizziness Center, Audiologists and Physical Therapists have joined forces with state-of-the-art technology in order to determine the source of dizziness to develop the best individualized treatment plans. This coordinated approach, between physicians, audiologists, and physical therapists, provides the best treatment for its patients and is only available at a handful of clinics across the state.

Dizziness and Balance Research

Research has estimated that 85% of all dizziness problems can be attributed to the inner ear. When people have a spinning sensation, there is usually a problem with the inner ear. Many inner ear problems can be related to out of balance otoliths or “crystals” in the inner ear. If this is the cause of dizziness, it can usually be detected and treated the same day. If you or someone you know has this symptom, there is a 95% success rate to rebalance the inner ear.

Dizziness and Balance Treatment

Dizziness is a complex puzzle and our professionals at Horizon Balance and Dizziness Center are committed to solving that puzzle one piece at a time until the picture is complete. If you or someone you know has dizziness symptoms, please remember that treatment is available and our team is committed to helping our patients achieve success to swiftly improve their quality of life. Ask your physician for a referral today.

Many patients make multiple appointments with specialists located at different facilities and locations. This process only delays results, treatments and cures not to mention the stress associated with waiting. Our services provide you the results, treatments, and care in one place with the proper specialists. It is rare to find these forms of services in one center where the patient’s swift return to quality of life is our main concern. Unfortunately, half of all patients with this condition do not find the reason for their symptoms and only a third receives beneficial treatment. That’s because dizziness can have many causes and pinpointing the exact reason for the condition and providing effective treatment can be difficult.